Consignment Point of Sale Solution

The efficient way to manage inventory and increase sales

Osprey Retail designed its consignment point of sale (POS) software to help you manage the critical of the moving parts of your business. Our consignment POS solution allows you to provide your consignors with a streamlined process that puts their mind at ease when they ask, “How does consignment work?” Osprey consignment POS software also gives you the tools you need for greater operational efficiency, and, of course, great customer experiences when people find treasures at your shop.

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POS Features

Designed for Every Facet of Your Operation

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Seamless Checkout Options

The checkout experience is the last touchpoint in a shopping journey, and it’s critical to your business and your consignors that you create a positive experience. Flexible consignment point of sale software enables you to establish fast, efficient processes at the checkout counter, including barcode scanning to increase speed and accuracy during the checkout process.

You can also use our consignment point of sale software on a tablet for mobile POS capabilities that allows you to take the point of sale to the customer and keep lines short during high-traffic periods.

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Production & Inventory Management

Osprey consignment POS software gives you an efficient way to track merchandise from receiving products to sales – selling in a tiered system and makes data available in real time. Osprey Retail can reduce the time and labor required for production, allowing you to operate more profitably.

Our solution also increases pricing accuracy and tracks discounting, so you can honor the terms of your agreement with consignors to the letter. Discover how our POS solution can help you carefully track inventory, prices, and sales resulting in as much as a 5% increase in profits.

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Most consumers research and purchase products online. Our consignment POS solution allows you to integrate with the leading eCommerce platforms, Octopus, to build a strong multi marketplace presence and capture omnichannel shoppers’ business. We help you optimize customer experiences by providing accurate inventory information on your website so customers aren’t disappointed by canceled orders due to out-of-stocks.

Online storefronts also streamline processes such as buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) that offer greater customer convenience.

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Sales and Loyalty

Discount, “buy now” options, and markdowns can all boost sales, but consignment stores must manage them carefully to ensure profitability. Our consignment point of sale software allows you to manage price changes while maintaining visibility into profits and payments to your consignors.

Our platform also allows you to establish an effective loyalty program, rewarding your VIP customers with points, discounts, and bonus merchandise to let them know you appreciate their business and encourage them to continue to choose your store to purchase items on consignment

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Loss Prevention

Shoplifting and theft can take a bite out of profits, but so can employee activities at the point of sale. Employees who aren’t careful about agreeing to refunds without receipts or who have an excessive number of voids, discounts, or canceled transactions could be causing shrinkage.

Osprey’s consignment POS software flags these activities and gives you deeper visibility into merchandise leaving your store, additionally you can prohibit returns and scan drivers licenses to help in reducing shrink. The system also provides your consignment shop with employee and customer information so you can pinpoint and address issues that lead to losses.

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Vendor-Agnostic Payments

Our consignment POS software gives you the advantage of choosing your payment processor for secure and reliable P2Pe solutions. Our vendor-agnostic system won’t lock you into one processor that limits your ability to control the processing fees you pay or the consignment POS hardware you use.

Support the payment methods that your customers prefer, from standard payments like debit and credit to check guarantee, contactless payment, virtual wallets, and vouchers. Additionally, payments and accounting integration enables efficiency, with payment data automatically shared with back-office systems.

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Management Specific Benefits

Consignment owners and managers need the ability to see critical aspects of their business from one system. Osprey Retail gives you that ability.

Remote Management

Manage your business from any location using remote management tools built into your POS system. Our solution allows you to access sales, price, promotions, and inventory data when you’re working remotely or on the road.

Accounting Integration

Our consignment POS software integrates with your accounting platform and payroll system giving you the advantage of automatic data sharing, streamlining workflows for your back office and minimizing the risk of errors that can cost you time and money.

Multi-Store Capability

Osprey consignment point of sale software allows you to manage multiple stores from a centralized platform. This feature enables you to update and manage pricing, promotions, and customer experiences consistent across all locations and communicate a clear view of your brand.


Easily access data and run reports that give you insights into sales, losses, inventory, performance on different channels, and loyalty program effectiveness. With up-to-date data, you can operate more cost-effectively and competitively.