What Makes A Successful Thrift Store?

You face a lot of competition as a thrift store owner. There are
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Letter From The VP: 3 Things Every Retailer Should Think About

Dear Valued Customers, This last year has been one for the records, we’ve experienced significant growth through onboarding many new customers and continued to live up to our company values by donating and assisting with our philanthropic missions. Additionally, as a…
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How Independent Pet Stores Can Compete With Big Box Stores and Exceed Customer Expectations

The household pet has become more than just an animal; they are now members of the family. And those members need just as much as the two-legged members when it comes to food, treats, toys, and other everyday essentials. So how can you get these pet owners to shop at your independent…
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How Your Thrift Store POS System Can Help Based On Customer Types

Every retailer has their own type of customers, typically based on the inventory they provide. However, targeting a specific customer base is more complicated for thrift stores. Stores that aren't able to choose what comes in, might need extra support with
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Are You Ready For The Retail Returns Rush? The Right Retail Technology Can Help!

It’s that time of year, time for retail returns! Most retail stores enthusiastically prepare for an extra busy holiday season by hiring extra staff and making sure they have the latest retail technology to take advantage of every sales opportunity. No one likes to…
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