Consignment Point of Sale Software

Designed to Grow and Scale Your Business

Osprey Retail understands the detailed planning and organization that goes into operating a consignment store. That’s why our team thoughtfully considered all the features and benefits you need to connect with your consignment database while providing superior customer service to your dedicated shoppers. Our POS system gives you all the tools your store needs to thrive.

Whether you’re reviewing in-depth reports for the month or organizing consignment pieces using quality pricing segments—Osprey Retail provides unparalleled support with our comprehensive capabilities featured in our consignment store POS system.

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POS Features

Created for All Aspects of Your Operations

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Our consignment POS system simplifies the production process to make rotating discounts automated and trackable in real-time. One of our solution’s best features is that it can automatically track the tagged products and assign them a value based on a “good, better, best” quality pricing model, giving you hours back in your day. It also includes an automated color discounting schedule that updates whenever you need it. The best part? This results in an increase of 5% on the average price that goes toward your profits.

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Elaborate reporting will help you gain real-time insight into your store’s performance so that you can make more informed business decisions. For production needs, you’ll know precisely how many items you have and what their values are. You’ll also have a record of the guests that bring your store the most sales based on their consignment products sold. On the sales floor, with these reports at your fingertips, you can monitor sales, voids, returns, and cancellations, all within our application.

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Payments have advanced drastically in the last few years, and it’s paramount you choose a solution that can keep up with the changing times. Osprey Retail offers integrated payments that are check guarantee to meet the needs of all your customers. The payment connects with your reporting to track when you pay out commissions for your loyal contributors. Plus, it saves their information in an accessible file, so you never have to worry about losing valuable customer data.

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Fast-Checkout POS

Never worry about your cashiers needing additional tech support to work your system. Our consignment store POS supports all aspects of your consignment operations. You’ll increase sales without unwanted or unnecessary stress. Enhance the guest experience every time with fast, secure, flexible, and easy checkouts for your customers--guaranteed. We value your customers as much as you do, and our team strives to make this process simple for you and your shoppers.

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Multi-Store Capabilities

Our System Grows With Your Consignment Store

Our system also keeps your loyal consignment customers as the top priority of your business. We created and deployed a multi-store loyalty program that you can quickly implement in all locations. Whether you’re rewarding guests who bring valuable consignment pieces to your store, or the shoppers who keep your business moving, they will keep coming back to support your business time and time again.

With the right technology in place, your consignment store will grow. The best part of partnering with Osprey Retail is that we can grow with your business. With our integrated thrift store POS system, you can monitor all aspects of your store locations through a single, intuitive interface. Easily view real-time data on sales, reporting numbers, and product tracking through the retail cycle from inventory to discount repricing needs. You have the ability to centralize store management at all your locations.

Additional POS Features

You deserve a complete, feature-rich POS system that helps you operate your consignment store efficiently and quickly. Our team of experts understands there is more to your business than bringing in a product and selling it to customers. Here are other features that benefit your business.


With consignment, inventory is the heart of your business. Quickly sort, find, discount, and move products on the sales floor without skipping a beat using our POS system.

Marketing and Loyalty

Reward guests whose consignments bring your store the most success so they keep them coming back for more. Integrate loyalty cards hassle-free and without an extra fee to keep up with larger consignment businesses.


Having an online presence is crucial for consignment store success. You can easily set your digital store by plugging into the back end of your business.

Loss Prevention

Your POS system should fully communicate with a loss prevention solution. Our POS system can quickly and accurately flag voids, negative transactions, and returns.

Mobile POS

Our system comes equipped with multi-use tablets, whether you need additional cashiers for line busting during peak days or mobile transactions outside the store for event sales.

Accounting Integration

You are responsible for so much more than selling products. Easily integrate flexible apps for accounting integration like QuickBooks, plus payroll needs with a built-in time tracking.