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Beer, Wine, and Liquor shops need a specific type of point of sale (POS) solution that can maximize profitability and operational efficiencies. If you're wasting hours on reporting and inventory management, it's time to upgrade your POS system to help organize and scale up your store. Don’t compromise on customer satisfaction for POS features. Get both by implementing the right liquor POS system for your store.

Here at Osprey Retail, we specifically created a POS solution designed with your business in mind.

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POS Features

Designed for Critical Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store Needs

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Inventory Management

With thousands of products lining your shelves, you need an intricate inventory management solution to simplify the receiving and shelf-stocking process. Our liquor POS solution simplifies product tracking that moves in and out of your store without stress.

Regardless of the size of your store, our beer, wine, and liquor software can create custom barcode labels for any of your product needs, from the standard run-of-the-mill box of wine to allocated bottles of whiskey.

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eCommerce Integration

Consumers are eager to do all their shopping online. So why not meet them there with an eCommerce solution.

Having an eCommerce integration will allow you to easily reach customers both in the store and from their couches, all through a simple plugin to platforms like Drizzly, CityHive, and more. With this much convenience, you can guarantee customer retention and profit growth.

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Checkout Options

Our team aims to simplify the checkout process for you, your team, and your customers, regardless if you are using a traditional, kiosk, or mobile POS solution. Our liquor POS system supports crucial aspects of your operations to help you increase sales without the unnecessary stress of technology challenges.

Enhance your customer’s experience with a secure, flexible, and easy checkout solution.

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Sales, Loyalty, and Donations

Reward your most loyal customers with a POS system capable of loyalty card integration and weekly sales offerings without extra fees. As a wine, beer, or liquor store, you want a liquor POS system that helps build customer retention and increase long-term growth. Offering regular rewards programs can help you connect with customers through discounts based on their buying history. Give customers what they want with no additional stress to you.

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Vendor-Agnostic Payments

Payments have advanced, and our liquor POS system can keep up with the changing times.

Our solution offers you a vendor-agnostic payment connection so you can get the exact payment processor you want. Integrate with standard payments like debit, credit, check guarantee, contactless payment, virtual wallets, and vouchers.

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Loss Prevention

Age verification and loss prevention are a must to ensure you’re getting the most out of your inventory and selling to the proper individuals. You need a solution that can manage the different aspects of your business to always have a true idea of what’s going in and coming out of your store

Our liquor POS system can quickly flag voids, negative transactions, and returns, as well as track age verification directly in one POS system.

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Management Specific Benefits

Wine, beer, and liquor store owners and managers need the ability to see all aspects of their business from within one system. Osprey Retail has that ability.

Remote Management

Every manager and owner needs a break from time to time. However, even when away, you may need to look into your business. Connect to your POS system from anywhere to check employee status, see real-time data, and manage inventory with our remote management solution.

Accounting Integration

There's much more to your job than selling alcohol. Explore how you can easily integrate flexible apps for accounting and payroll requirements with built-in time tracking to make payouts more convenient. Industry-leading solutions like QuickBooks work to connect to help make your job seamless and easy.

Multi-Store Capability

Whether you have one, five, or twenty stores, our solution can help you manage your stores from one centralized location. Allow your POS system to analyze your business in real-time and grow with your business.


Knowing what products go in and out of your store is key when it comes to inventory management. Have a handle on your business by knowing real-time data by working on a wine, beer, and liquor store specific POS solution to review data like sales, returns, cancellations, and more.