Pet Store POS Software

The solution for greater efficiency, higher revenues, and happier pets

Osprey Retail knows it takes a lot of work to provide the products and services that keep pets comfortable, healthy, groomed, and entertained. Our pet store point of sale (POS) system allows you to manage your diverse inventory and sales of both products and services. Even though our Pet Shop POS system has advanced capabilities, it’s easy to use and will increase efficiency throughout your business. Osprey Retail pet store POS software also provides you with valuable data about your business so you can make informed decisions and steer your business towards growth.

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POS Features

Effectively Manage Every Aspect of Your Business

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Seamless Checkout Solutions

No one likes to wait, particularly a customer is waiting in line with a pet that is anxious to get outside. Our pet store POS solution allows you to deliver fast, efficient, secure checkout experiences that keep lines moving and allow customers and their pets to move on to the next adventure of the day.

With Osprey Retail, you have the option to offer kiosks as well as assistance from a cashier at the checkout counter. You can also equip your team with tablets that allow them to help customers in the aisles, shorten checkout queues, and manage curbside pickup.

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Inventory Management

Osprey Retail offers an integrated retail ecosystem for pet stores allowing you to automate file imports, POs, and shipping. The inventory management system we offer allows you to effectively manage your diverse inventory, from collars and chew toys in a range of colors and styles to medications, pet foods, and goldfish.

Osprey Retail’s inventory management system allows you to use barcode technology to efficiently and accurately track inventory. In addition, it also allows you to set up automatic reordering so your customers always find the items that allow them to provide their pets with the best care.

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If you want to open a pet store or need to refresh your existing store, remember that many sales now occur online. Osprey pet store POS software allows you to integrate with a leading eCommerce platform, Octopus, so you can create a multi marketplace business.

Beat your big box competition with our eCommerce integration by creating better cross-channel experiences, such as efficient buy online, pickup in store, delivery, or curbside processes.

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Sales and Loyalty

Our pet store POS software gives you the tools you need to manage promotions, such as “bakers’ dozen discounts” for brand loyalty.

Osprey software also allows you to manage price changes during promotions or in response to supplier price increases. We also give you the ability to offer an effective loyalty program that rewards your best customers – and their four-legged

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Vendor-Agnostic Payments

Osprey Retail won’t ask you to lock in with a specific payment processor. We give you the flexibility to choose your payment processor so you can accept the payment types that your customers prefer, from standard payments like debit and credit to check guarantee, contactless payment, virtual wallets, and vouchers. We allow you to choose the payment processor with the most competitive rates and that integrates with the payment hardware you use. Osprey also enables payments integration for optimal back-office efficiency and streamlined end-of-day reporting.

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Loss Prevention

Our pet store POS software is designed to reduce shrinkage by flagging voids, no sales, discounts, and canceled transactions. These activities at the point of sale are some of the biggest indicators of fraud or employees giving unauthorized discounts. With the visibility that Osprey pet shop POS provides, you have more transparency into how merchandise is leaving your store. The system also allows you to pinpoint customers or employees involved in activities that result in shrinkage so you can address and correct problems.

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Management Specific Benefits

Pet store owners and managers need the ability to see various aspects of their business from one system. Osprey Retail gives you that ability.

Remote Management

Manage your store from afar with Osprey Retail’s remote management solution; access a single or multiple locations from anywhere at any time. You can use our pet store POS mobile management features to access sales, price, promotions, and inventory data.

Accounting Integration

Integration enables sharing sales and payment data from your pet store POS system with your accounting solution and time clock data with your payroll systems. Automating the process saves time for your back office and decreases the risk of rekeying errors.

Multi-Store Capability

Osprey Retail gives you easy access to data and reporting from each location that you manage. Moreover, you can centralize management of all locations from one screen, allowing you to keep pricing, promotions, and customer experiences consistent across all locations.


Data-driven decisions are crucial to operating a profitable business. Osprey pet store POS software gives you easy access to the data you need through easy-to-understand reports. Additionally, you can securely access reports from any device connected to the internet.