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At Osprey Retail, we understand it’s all about the numbers. The secret sauce of your business success lies in the detailed insights. With this access, you receive unparalleled information about the status of each of your store locations.

With our POS data accessibility, you can have real-time, two-way communications among all your stores. For small businesses looking to grow and expand their footprint, this is an essential piece of the puzzle. Additionally, Osprey Retail is the only solution offering this type of verified communication. If you’re looking for a point-of-sale system with innovative features, look no further!

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POS Data Features

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Looking to see up-to-the-minute sales for your store across all your locations? Osprey’s solution can provide that. You can easily see the numbers increase as sales are made throughout the day.

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Are you interested in seeing the information on what payments are most used for your business? Your POS data shares everything you need to know about your customer preferences.

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Production and inventory management is crucial for retailers. A quick look at your POS data can share your current inventory and track what items are quickly selling and what is rotating through the retail cycle.

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Your reporting hub is where you can view sales, time management, goal tracking and more. Here you’ll also see data that will tell you what areas need improvement to streamline your shops.

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Osprey Retail has a team of experts who specialize in your unique industry and therefore understand your business challenges. When it comes to your POS data, we can answer your questions with ease to simplify the process. Get intuitive insights that you can use to make better business decisions, leading to more profits in your pocket.

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