Thrift Store POS System

Developed with Your Business in Mind

Osprey Retail understands the extensive management and organization that goes into operating a thrift store. That’s why our team thoughtfully considered every feature and benefit you may need to run your thrift store smoothly and without wasting a second of your time.

Whether you’re organizing products using the quality pricing segments or reviewing credit card savings reports for the month—Osprey Retail can support your thrift store with our comprehensive features and services in our point of sale solution.

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POS Features

Designed for the Full-Scope of Your Operations

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Fast-Checkout POS

Boost sales stress-free with our robust POS system. Every checkout is guaranteed to be fast, secure, flexible, and easy for customers and staff. Never worry about your cashiers needing additional tech support to work your system. Our thrift store POS supports all aspects of your business.

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Our thrift store POS system is here to simplify the process to make rotating discounts automated and trackable in real-time. The POS functionality automatically keeps track of the products tagged and assigns them a value based on a “good, better, best” quality pricing segmentation. Our solution includes a self-regulating color discounting schedule that changes as you need it to, resulting in an increase of 5% on the average price that goes right back in your pocket.

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Payments have advanced, and our system keeps up with the changing times. Osprey Retail offers integrated payments that are check guarantee and allow you to use redeemable vouchers. You can also accept corporate donations in addition to roundups from customers. The best part is that our solution automates the entire process, so you don’t spend time completing this manually.

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Monitor retail sales, voids, returns, and cancellations, all in our application designed to work on your device of choice. Know exactly how many items you have in production, their values, and how many products have been red-tagged. Once products become credentials, your reporting will track the length of time spent on the floor and within the discounting segments. All-inclusive reporting helps you gain real-time insight into business performance so you can make smarter business decisions.

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Multi-Store Capabilities

A Thrift Store POS That Grows with Your Business

If scalability is on your radar, Osprey Retail can help simplify the process. With our integrated thrift store POS system, you can monitor all aspects of your thrift store locations through a single, intuitive interface. Easily view real-time data on sales, reporting numbers, and product tracking through the retail cycle from inventory to discount repricing needs. You have the ability to centralize store management at all your locations.

Our system also keeps your loyal customers as the top priority of your business. That’s why we developed and deployed a multi-store loyalty program that you can quickly implement in all locations. Our goal is to see your customer base grow. With a rewards program, you can turn first-time shoppers into dedicated fans for years to come.

Additional Thrift Store POS Features

Our team of experts understands there is more to your business than bringing in a product and selling it to customers. Your thrift store needs a complete, feature-rich POS system that helps you work efficiently and quickly.


Reduce shrinkage for your entire operations. Easily sort, find, discount, and move products on the sales floor without skipping a beat using our thrift store POS system.


For the most success, you want your business to be online and offline for maximized sales. Quickly set up your online presence by plugging into the back end of your business.

Mobile POS

Whether you need additional support during high-traffic days or you have an event off-premise, our system comes equipped with multi-use tablets to use wherever you need them.

Loss Prevention

Your thrift store POS system should fully communicate with a loss prevention solution. Our POS system can quickly and accurately flag voids, negative transactions, and returns.

Marketing and Loyalty

Customers love rewards. Our POS system rewards your most valuable customers to keep them coming back for more. Integrate loyalty cards hassle-free and without an extra fee as the big competitors do!

Accounting Integration

Your business handles much more than monitoring sales. Easily integrate flexible apps for accounting integration like QuickBooks, plus payroll needs with a built-in time tracking.