Liquor & Wine Store

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Build Your Gold Standard

You’ve got ambitions for your business, achieve your objectives with Osprey. Targeted software tailored to Wine and Liquor retailer requirements benefit the performance of your business. Including Inventory control, flexible transaction processing, and mobile-ready applications. Osprey is robust without sacrificing user experience. 

Inventory Management

Track and control inventory with impressive flexibility and stay integrated with leading suppliers. Order and sell in various unit bundles (bottle, case, pack).

Flexible Transaction Processing

Make transactions cost less and go faster. Imagine one cohesive software suite with age verification, loyalty tracking and gift programs that also can guarantee checks. Osprey can help you contour a perfect software suite suited to your business. 

Mobile Ready

Access to critical information with just a few taps in our app. From inventory tracking, order management, reporting, age verification, check out and more our mobile ready applications system is leagues above the rest. 

Multi-Store Enabled

Reward your most valuable customers, react to trends, track sales in real-time and discount items in one or all of your retail locations. Osprey integrated Multi-store Loyalty program, real-time reporting & financials and discount generator allow you to centralize store management across all doors. 

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Customizable Reporting

Your information, your way. Customizable ODBC and Excel reporting built in.

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Hardware Agnostic

Support for most major hardware vendors to give you the best retail-hardened equipment out there.

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Progress Database

Built on top of the award winning Progress OpenEdge platform used by 90% of fortune 500 companies.

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Payment Security

PCI Out-of-Scope and certified secure.

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Nationwide Dealer Network

Independent resellers dedicated to your success providing 24/7/365 service and support.

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Affordable Customization

Missing a feature? Have a new module developed to suit your needs with a never left behind approach that is updated as long as you stay with Osprey.