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Retailers are facing many post-pandemic challenges, from social distancing limitations and labor shortages, to changes in customer preferences. As a result, many retailers are adopting new technologies like self service kiosks to enhance the customer experience and improve workforce productivity. Our kiosk retail software enables businesses to increase customer engagement and empower sales associates to run their retail business more efficiently.

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Retail Kiosk Applications

Our self-service kiosk solutions will offer a new level of convenience for your customers for any type of retailer. Common retail kiosk applications include:

Checkout Bag

Self Check-Out

Let your customers take control of their checkout experience. The intuitive interface and touchscreen make navigating the checkout process a breeze. Our self-service kiosk solution offers a convenient, time-saving solution that automates and efficiently and productively organizes tasks.

Product Tag

Product Lookup/Price Checks

Position self-service kiosks throughout your store to automate the customer experience. Alleviate the burden from store associates by empowering customers to easily lookup product location, pricing, and promotions.

Line Busting

Line Busting

Eliminate customers having to wait in long lines at the checkout counter. Use our line busting solutions to provide increased customer service and expedite the checkout process.



Our retail kiosk checkouts accept a wide variety of payment tender options enabling customers to perform both traditional and contactless payments. This allows for safe and secure payments for customers' preferred payment methods.

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Osprey Retail Kiosk Solution

Our all-in-one kiosk retail software will help you create a sleek and modern front-end for optimal customer experience with a variety of configuration options to meet your needs.

Made in the USA

Seamless integration with Osprey Retail software

Customizable design to meet your unique needs and environment

A variety of configurations: easily add receipt printers, barcode scanners, or electronic payments