Non-Profit Point of Sale

Created For Your Nonprofit's Success

The mission you serve is important to you. Osprey Retail appreciates and acknowledges the hard work and dedication that goes into the long hours and restrictive budgets to support a unique cause. That’s why our team of experts carefully considered all the functions your organization needs for a non-profit point of sale system.

Whether you’re organizing incoming donations from the community or reviewing in-depth reports for the month to better serve the folks who rely on your generosity—Osprey Retail can support you with our comprehensive features and services in our non-profit point of sale solution.

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POS Features

Built To Serve Your Mission

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Osprey offers integrated payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay in addition to check guarantee if that’s part of your business. Our system allows you to use redeemable vouchers, including gift cards as alternate vouchers. We accept corporate donations, and roundups from customers that you can market to businesses for matching funds. Our solution automates the entire process, so you can increase profits for your cause.

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You have a lot on your plate, so to make the production process more efficient, our POS solution includes a self-regulating schedule for color discounting. This increases sales on an average of 5% per item, which goes right back to the mission you care about most. It automatically tags and assigns products a value based on a “good, better, best” quality pricing model, making rotating discounts trackable in real-time.

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Our non-profit point of sale removes all the guesswork with reporting. You will know exactly how many items you have in your system, their assigned values, and how many products have been red-tagged. This detailed reporting monitors retail sales, voids, returns, and cancellations, all in our application designed to work on your device of choice.

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Fast-Checkout POS

Never worry about your cashiers and volunteers needing additional tech support to work your system. Our non-profit point of sale supports all aspects of your operations with fast, secure, flexible, and easy checkouts. The more customers you can serve daily, the more money you can make to give back to your cause.

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Multi-Store Capabilities

A Non-Profit Point of Sale That Gives Back Like You Do

Your donors and shoppers are crucial to keeping your organization growing and giving back. That’s why Osprey Retail sees them as the top priority of your mission. Our non-profit solution comes with a deployable multi-store loyalty program that you can quickly implement in all locations. The more recognition you give to your shoppers, the more they will give back to your organization.

The best part about our solution is that we can grow with you as your donations grow. With our POS system, you can view all aspects of your non-profit locations in one, easily-accessible space. Oversee real-time data on sales, reporting numbers, and product tracking from inventory to discount repricing. You have the ability to centralize all the details at all your locations.

Additional Non-Profit Support

Our team of experts understands there is so much more that goes into serving your mission than bringing in a product and selling it to give back to the community. Let Osprey Retail support your organization with a feature-rich POS system that helps you work effectively.


You contribute so much to the cause you serve. Our POS allows you to organize, search, discount, and move products on the sales floor without skipping a beat.

Marketing and Loyalty

Your supporters are the heart of your operations, and they deserve the recognition. You have the ability to introduce loyalty cards hassle-free and without an extra fee. This will encourage loyal contributors to share your mission with their family and friends.

Mobile POS

The perfect solution when supporters peak during the holidays. Our POS comes with multi-use tablets for line busting needs during peak days or mobile transactions outside your special event sales location.


The most successful nonprofits can function online and offline. Quickly set up your online shop by plugging into the back end using our non-profit point of sale.

Accounting Integration

Money helps you serve your mission, but there’s more that goes on behind the scenes. Integrate custom apps for accounting like QuickBooks, plus time-tracking support for volunteers.

Loss Prevention

The more information you have at your fingertips using your point of sale solution, the better. Our POS system can accurately flag returns, negative transactions and voids.