Multi-Store Host

The multi-host with the most.


Reward your most valuable customers, react to trends, track sales in real-time and discount items in one or all of your retail locations from one centralized store management system. Osprey makes it easy for you to manage a multi-store back-office in one full-featured host. 

Multiple Item Maintenance and Pricing

Break prices in bulk, track inventory of specific items across multiple doors and move goods to maximize sell-through. Up-to-the-minute reporting and centralized, multi-door hosting helps you keep a birds eye on your locations. 

Loss Prevention

Track what is happening in your locations globally. Track the how, when, who and how many for voids, suspended transactions and discounts. Smart data helps to keep you on top of your inventory, preventing loss faster and more effectively.

Inventory Management

Manage stock across all doors and enjoy the ability to react to trends in the market in a meaningful way. Move inventory from door to door and act on competitive price breaks. 

Gift Card and Loyalty

Osprey integrated Multi-store Loyalist program, real-time reporting & financials and discount generator allow you to reward your best customers and generate gift cards in less time, with less cost to you. 

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Item Returns and Management

Keep your stock reports up-to-date with quick and easy item return and management.

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No-Fee Gift Card and Loyalty

No-fee, no hassle gift, and loyalty programs keep costs down and everybody happy.

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Label, Tag and Sign Printing

Make the right statement for your business with custom signage, labels and tags.