Why Osprey Retail?

POS Solutions for Your Unique Business

Why Osprey?

Osprey provides complete POS solutions for single to multi-store operations with integrated back-office and front-end operations that are both mobile-ready and operate in real-time. When you partner with us, you’ll enjoy centralized store management with the ability to monitor all your locations on one device. Further, you can implement multi-store loyalty programs for consistency and accuracy.

Our intuitive interface is brandable and easy to configure, allowing for faster checkout processes and minimal tech support. Accommodate customer preferences and move away from traditional payments by offering alternative options such as Apple and Google Pay. Plus, our solutions’ advanced inventory features will help you sort, find, discount, and move products with ease, reducing shrinkage and streamlining inventory operations.

Best of all—Osprey will build custom integrations to fit your retail business’ unique requirements. We help growing businesses across industries, including non-profit, thrift, consignment, liquor and wine, tobacco, pet, grocery, and retail. In short, no matter what kind of business you are, we’ll provide you with the customizable software, seamless integration, and real support you need to run your retail business more efficiently.

Support—The Way it Should Be

When you partner with us as a POS solutions provider, you’re not just gaining our POS system, you’re also gaining our stellar service and support. Our team offers nationwide support 365 days a year. Better yet, you’ll work with USA vendors who you know. The people who sell your system are the same folks who install and service it. No services are outsourced, simplifying the process for any business challenges down the road. This is how we are able to get you the best product, at the best price.

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We’re Different, Here’s How

At Osprey, we pride ourselves on being the best of both worlds. We’re innovative like a large corporation while remaining affordable and prioritizing close personal relationships with our customer base. Our software suite is able to support a variety of business niches and solve unique business challenges, including age verification for wine, liquor, and tobacco, as well as inventory management for thrift and non-profit organizations.

We understand the efforts and undertakings for ventures of all sizes. We proudly offer affordable customization that grows and updates with your business at no added cost. Why wouldn’t you have all the capabilities you need, without paying for ones you don’t? This is what sets us apart. Our unparalleled support provides value for all customers we have serviced over the years.

Want to learn how we can support your business venture? Contact one of our expert team members today!