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Ideal for consignment, resale, and similar retail businesses, our consignment POS helps you efficiently and accurately manage customers, employees, and consignors. Automate daily tasks from our easy-to-use consignment software, including sales, inventory management, production, labor scheduling, and marketing. It provides the tools you need to increase efficiency, streamline the consignment acceptance process, track and pay out commissions, enhance customer experiences, and increase revenue, all by offering the ability to sell merchandise online and in your store. You can track and monitor your business’s performance through detailed real-time reporting.

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Simplifying the experience for operators, consignors, and customers


Item Acceptance and Loyalty

Enhance consignor experiences with streamlined acceptance processes and automated tracking for real-time visibility. Our consignment POS software also allows you to incentivize your top consignors and loyal customers with rewards to ensure your shop is filled with in-demand items and to increase sales. You can also use data from the system to target and personalize marketing for greater effectiveness.

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Consignor Management

Our consignment POS software makes it easy to set up new consignors, accurately track commissions earned from merchandise sales, and provide notifications to let consignors know when commission payouts are ready. Easily manage sales and track commission for in-store and online sales with barcode labels. Keep consignors up-to-date on inventory status through a single, easy-to-use interface.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

Accurate Inventory Tracking

We make inventory easy to manage and track across your store or at the consignor level. Easily label and scan merchandise to automate inventory management processes. Our consignment POS software automatically updates inventory data, allowing you to schedule discounts or manage sales or special events while maintaining visibility into consignors’ stock and payouts. Generate up-to-date reports for you or your consignors on demand.

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Simplified Transactions with Shrinkage Prevention

Our easy-to-use consignment POS software makes transactions easy for your staff and customers whether they interact at the checkout counter or with mobile POS on the sales floor. Seamlessly accept cash, check, credit, debit, gift card, or voucher payments. With Uni-Eye Loss Prevention and Security, you get visibility and control over voids, returns, discounts, no-sales, and other activities that can result in shrinkage.

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