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From organizing incoming stock and optimizing price discounting to tracking sales, profitably running a thrift store can be a challenge. Simplify thrift store operations by seamlessly managing sales, inventory, production, employees, and marketing from a single, easy-to-use thrift store POS system. Our thrift store POS software provides the tools to improve employee productivity and streamline the donation and inventory collection process, all while enhancing customer experiences and increasing revenue by offering the ability to run promotions and make sales in-store and online. With advanced analytics, you can set up detailed reports for real-time tracking of the most critical metrics for your thrift operations.
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Software features that optimize productivity and profitability


Donations and Customer Loyalty

Streamline donation acceptance, marketing, and loyalty program redemption to increase customer retention, repeat donations, and sales. Reward your most loyal customers with thrift store POS software capable of loyalty card integration and donations without extra fees. Personalize your marketing by creating targeted promotions based on customer purchase history, making it easy to solicit donations or promote sales events.

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Production that Fits Your Business

Managing donations, rotating sales, and inventory can be a hassle. Automatically keep track of inventory with production the way your organization prefers: barb only, single price scanning tag, good-better-best, or condition-quality. You can even choose differently between departments. Simplify the rotation process by making automated discounts trackable in real time, and utilize these discounts and close-out weekends to increase profitability. These production changes can result in an increase of 5% on the average price that goes right back into your pocket.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

Accurate Item Tracking

With new donations arriving daily, accurately managing your inventory is critical to success. Our thrift store POS software streamlines the inventory process. Generate reports to show production requirements for today based on yesterday’s sales. Monitor your sell-through rate by the week to ensure maximum value from donated products. Also, gain visibility into heavy inventory in a particular department, add bonus loyalty rewards, and run special sales with a percentage or amount off. Tired of the ups and downs in salvage? Open your closeout or pound store, maximizing the values of pulled merchandise.

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Ease of Use and Loss Prevention

Our POS software enables retailers to complete customer transactions at the checkout or on the sales floor. Whether you use presets or scanning, the system automatically calculates the pricing, including color-of-the-week, special sales, close-outs, or discounts. These features eliminate many mistakes related to manual entry and “friends and family” pricing. Cash, check, credit, debit, gift card, or voucher payments ensure proper accounting. Additionally, with Uni-Eye Loss Prevention and Security, you can control voids, returns, discounts, and no-sales with a quick review of activity at the point of sale.

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