The Advantage of a Purpose-Built Smoke Shop POS System

Software Designed to Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Your business needs to take advantage of every opportunity to build customer loyalty, capture revenues, and maximize profits. Our smoke shop POS system is designed to optimize operations at your tobacco, cigar, or vape shop. We help you enhance customer experiences while increasing efficiency to put your business on the path to success. Our software includes features that help you manage a diverse inventory, avoid out-of-stock items, control costs, and maximize profitability. It also streamlines compliance with blue laws, age verification and other JUUL RACS compliance requirements. You can even automate processes like data collection for tobacco vendor rebate programs, contributing to a better bottom line.

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Ignite Your Business with a Smoke Shop POS System

Build loyalty and capture more revenues with every customer engagement

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Streamlined Checkout

Keep lines moving quickly with our smoke shop POS system designed for efficiency and convenient customer service. Create and scan barcodes to streamline workflows and quickly verify age to create a smooth checkout experience. Our software lets you keep accurate sales records and follow marketing and distribution laws. Additionally, with integrated payments that work offline, you can ensure your store is always open for business.


Loyalty and eCommerce

Our tobacco and vape store POS system includes customer loyalty features that enable your customers to use rewards and redeem “baker’s dozen” offers in-store or online. You can also choose a solution with integrated eCommerce, enabling your customers to engage in-store or online, giving them the best of both worlds while complying with all state regulations. With our special order module, you can order unique products and ensure customer satisfaction.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

Inventory Efficiencies and Loss Prevention

Gain complete visibility into stock on hand, down to individual cigars. Barcode labels allow you to automate inventory tracking and locate the items customers want. Electronic shelf label integration enables you to update product information and pricing across the store with a few clicks. With our tobacco store POS software, you can forecast and order more accurately to minimize out-of-stock items but not over-order. Additionally, Osprey’s Uni-Eye Loss Prevention and Security allows you to monitor voids, returns, discounts, and no-sales to prevent shrinkage.

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Tobacco Programs

Our software is compatible with scan data incentive programs offered by RJ Reynolds, Altria, and other vendors. Integration allows you to automate the process of tracking sales and submitting data. These programs can be handled accurately and on time to build a lucrative rebate revenue stream. By automatically collecting data, you can increase monthly revenues with minimal effort or labor costs.

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