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We have developed a grocery store POS solution with advanced capabilities to manage the increasing complexity involved in effective grocery operations. Our software allows customers to engage online and in-store, supporting self-service kiosks instead of traditional high-dollar self-checkout. It enables you to manage a widely diverse inventory across all channels and accommodates a variety of payment options. Additionally, our customizable screens make checkout quick and easy for cashiers and consumers. Our grocery POS software is also designed to save managers time. You can reallocate that time elsewhere by automating shelf label printing, employee management, and reporting.
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Take the Complexity Out of eWIC

Eliminate the extra time and effort to accept eWIC payments with Osprey’s fully integrated eWIC-certified grocery POS system. Our software eliminates the need for a stand-beside “smart machine” that requires cashiers to scan items twice and use a separate key on the POS system for short payments. The experience for your customers is as easy as using an EPS card. Furthermore, the back office won’t spend time updating the machine with pricing changes and promotions. Osprey downloads authorized items and pricing so you don’t have to enter that information manually and items approved over state price are automatically charged to tender for the difference. However, you’ll also get more than time savings. You’ll also save money. Our affordable, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is more cost-effective than purchasing two stand-beside machines.

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Streamlined Checkout

The high-volume, high-traffic grocery space requires POS technology that streamlines workflows and keeps lines moving. Our software supports universal product items, picklists with pictures, and barcode scanning for quick, accurate checkouts and quickly updating inventory data. Additionally, a user-friendly touchscreen interface that puts vital information at cashiers' fingertips speeds up the process. Integrated payments for credit, debit, EBT, eWIC, and contactless payments and the option to keep your existing processor ensure you’re always open for business.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

Inventory Efficiencies

Track inventory from receiving to the shelves or food prep in the bakery, salad bar, or to-go foods. Our grocery POS software allows you to accurately count what's on hand, order in time to avoid out-of-stock items, and import receivers from FinTech. You can ensure proper pricing across the store with integrated scale management, wholesaler price imports, and ESL integration. Well-managed inventory with Osprey grocery store POS also helps increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring that in-demand products are always available.

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Pricing Flexibility and Loyalty

Flexible pricing includes mix match, bundles, price levels for retail and wholesale, cost plus, and many others to ensure a competitive and profitable operation. Additionally, you can optimize customer experiences in-store and online with customer loyalty features standard in our software and available in integrated eCommerce. Reserve in-store inventory for pickup, allowing your customers to schedule recurring orders and redeem rewards, whether in person or online.

Ease of Use

Loss Prevention and Security

Keeping a close watch on employee activity at the point of sale will help you control shrinkage. Our Uni-Eye Loss Prevention solution enables you to Interface your system with video software, allowing you to audit transactions quickly. You can confirm that consumers pay the correct amount for every item they bring to the checkout. This software also automates policy enforcement for voids, returns, discounts, and no-sales.

Digitally Transform Your Operations

Consumer expectations are changing, and the grocery industry is evolving. See how Osprey can help you stay on the cutting edge.