Liquor POS Software Designed for Competitive Businesses

Simplify Inventory Management and Compliance for Greater Efficiency

The competitive beer, wine, and liquor space requires you to implement the right technology to help you overcome complexities. Our liquor POS software automates inventory management, eliminating the time your staff spends manually tracking your inventory’s diverse products and packages. You can configure it to apply case discounts automatically or to offer special pricing for bundles or holiday gift baskets. Our software also simplifies compliance, streamlining age verification, reporting, and blue law requirements. Our integrated customer loyalty with omni-commerce interfaces help enhance customer experiences regardless of whether they engage in-store or online.
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How to Find a Liquor POS System Designed for Your Business

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Uplift Spirits with a Liquor POS System

Gain new visibility into your store operation and enhance efficiency

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Streamlined Checkout

Create and scan barcode labels that improve checkout processes, whether the customer is purchasing a single, six pack or case. You can quickly verify a customer's age, accurately charge multiple taxes, place special orders, and complete transactions with integrated payments, while always complying with state regulations. Whether you need traditional POS, tasting bar, or personal service with a tablet in-aisle, Osprey has you covered.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

Inventory Efficiencies

Our liquor store POS software gives you visibility into stock, down to individual bottles. In a multi-store environment, cashiers can check all store locations for the items customers want. Barcode labels allow you to automate inventory tracking for greater accuracy and to minimize shrinkage. Fintech integration also updates inventory when customers make ACH payments on delivery. In addition, inventory reports from Osprey enable accurate forecasting, empowering you to avoid overordering while always having in-demand products. Integrating electronic shelf labels ensures product information and pricing are always up to date.


Loyalty and eCommerce

Set yourself apart from the competition with integrations to industry-leading third parties like Drizly, CityHive, DoorDash, and Bottlekaps, or control the entire customer experience with online orders through your website. Our software gives you the ability to reserve in-store inventory so customers don’t have to make multiple trips to check on availability – or decide to purchase from your competitor. Easily prevent listing allocated products on the web and allow in-store and online rewards redemption, giving your clients the best of both worlds.

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Loss Prevention and Security

Osprey’s Uni-Eye Loss Prevention and Security allows you to control voids, returns, discounts, and no-sales with a quick review of activity at the point of sale. There’s no need to spend hours reviewing sales journals and video footage to trace the source of losses or shrinkage. Your business rules with integrated video software allow you to do quick audits, in-store or remotely, ensuring every item rang at the correct price.

Does Your Liquor POS Have the Tools You Need to Compete?

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