A Flexible, Dependable POS System for Non-Profits

Centrally Manage Donations and Track Production

Running a non-profit business requires managing stock, optimizing pricing, tracking sales, and enhancing customer experiences. Managing every area of your business effectively requires a POS system for non-profits that allows you to automate processes and maintain visibility into operations. Our software also provides features that increase employee productivity and streamline the donation process, enabling you to manage sales and promotions while maximizing revenues to benefit your cause. Osprey is proud to partner with non-profits that contribute so much to their communities. Let us help with your mission.
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Boost Your Cause with a Non-Profit POS System

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Manage Production Your Way

Accurately track donations, rotate sales, and update inventory more efficiently. Our POS software for non-profits allows you to choose the method of production management that works best for your organization: barb only, single price scanning tags, good-better-best, condition-quality, or a combination to optimize production in different departments. Our software allows you to track discounts, helping you to make your promotions, close-out weekends, or other events more beneficial for your cause.

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Incentivize Donations and Future Sales

When you optimize donation acceptance processes, you’ll build relationships with your supporters that ensure your store is always stocked with top-quality items. Our POS software for non-profits also allows you to offer an effective loyalty rewards program, streamlining processes with loyalty card integration. The data from your system also allows you to create targeted campaigns for more effective marketing.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

Accurate Inventory Data

With new donations in various production categories arriving daily, accurately managing inventory can be challenging. Our POS software for nonprofits simplifies inventory management, allowing you to track items with barcode labels and run reports that automatically show daily production requirements. You can also monitor sell-through rates and other business performance data to ensure you maximize value for your organization.

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Excellent User Experience and Loss Prevention

Your employees and volunteers can learn our easy-to-use POS software quickly and work more productively, whether assisting customers at the counter or with mobile devices. You can enter prices via barcode scanning or presets and easily apply specials, close-out pricing, or discounts. The system also accepts cash, checks, credit, debit, gift cards, and vouchers for fast checkout and accurate accounting. Our Uni-Eye Loss Prevention keeps shrinkage to a minimum.

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