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Technology that Levels the Playing Field for Independent Businesses and Chains

Our software is designed to help independent and chain pet store businesses operate more competitively. With our pet store POS software, you can streamline in-store processes and build an online presence. Accurately manage inventory across your entire operation from a single platform. Our easy-to-use system also helps your sales associates focus on customer experiences, build loyalty, and influence future purchasing decisions. You’ll also save time running your business with automated features like signage and label creation, employee management, and reporting.
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How to Choose a Pet Store POS System for Your Business

Our guide shows you how to ensure ROI from your pet store POS system investment.

Unleash the Power of Our Pet Store POS

Enhance customer experiences and increase efficiency throughout your business

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Streamlined Checkout

Our pet store POS system helps make checkout fast and efficient to help you keep lines short. To help keep customers–and their pets–happy by offering traditional and self-service kiosk options. Our intuitive touchscreen interface and scale integration for bulk items lets your sales associate work quickly and productively. You can also equip your associates with tablets to assist customers in the aisles or curbside. Additionally, eCommerce integration allows you to accept online orders and recurring payments for prescriptions and subscriptions.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

Inventory Efficiencies

Replace manual inventory counts, receiving, and management processes with time-saving barcode technology. Barcode scanning also ensures that eCommerce orders are accurate and headed for the correct destinations. We also support presets to track inventory without barcodes and manage specialized categories like reptile food. Our software allows you to set up automatic reordering so customers can always find the items they need for pet care. Electronic shelf label integration lets you manage product information and prices across the store with just a few clicks.

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Loyalty and eCommerce

Customer loyalty is standard with Osprey. We support buying programs like “Baker’s Dozen” and rewarding your most loyal in-store and online customers. You can establish family accounts and even recognize pet birthdays. Additionally, you can accept electronic coupons, enabling you to eliminate punch cards and mailed coupons, and our software automates backend reporting for reimbursement. Integrated eCommerce is available, allowing you to create your website or marketplaces on Amazon or eBay, reserve in-store items for pickup, and set up subscription orders.

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Loss Prevention and Security

Osprey’s Uni-Eye Loss Prevention and Security allows you to monitor and control activity at the point of sale, including voids, returns, discounts, and no sales. There’s no need to spend hours reviewing sales journals and video footage. Your business rules with integrated video software allow you to do quick audits, ensuring every item was accounted for at the checkout at the correct price. You can access this data in minutes in-store or remotely if you are working remotely or at a different location in your chain.

Ready for Your Pet Store POS to Operate More Competitively?

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