Discover the Benefits of Self-Service Kiosk Software

Osprey Provides Comprehensive Retail Kiosk Solutions that Deliver the Optimal Customer Experience

Rising prices, labor shortages, and consumer demands require you to change the way you do business. Self-service kiosks allow you to make the best use of labor, allowing employees to handle critical responsibilities while customers handle checkout or other tasks independently. Kiosks are perfect for the specialty retail environment but can also be used in other areas like grocery, liquor, pet stores, and more. Our kiosk software can upgrade your operations by delivering a customized customer experience and better workforce management.
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Looking to Deliver the Optimal Customer Experience?

We’ll show you exactly how kiosk software can streamline your operations.

Interactive Kiosks Deliver a Wide Range of Features

Our kiosk software is feature-rich and flexible. You can configure it to reduce labor, manage a range of customer interactions, offer services more consistently, and enable customers to navigate in-store experiences like they engage and make purchases online.

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Empower your customers to skip the line and pay for their purchases autonomously. Our software allows for fast, efficient, user-friendly experiences for customers with all levels of IT expertise. Osprey’s kiosk systems are hardware-agnostic, allowing you to configure convenient touchscreen solutions. You can also add peripherals like barcode scanners and payment devices to provide everything needed for optimal self-service experiences.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

Product Lookup

Create a self-service endless aisle solution, giving customers visibility into all available inventory. Customers can use the self-service kiosks to access your website in-store on a kiosk for product lookup and ordering. With kiosks in convenient locations throughout your store, you can prevent shoppers from visiting a competitor for the items they need.

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Line Busting

The quality of experiences declines when customers have to wait–in fact, some may abandon purchases if lines are too long. Deploying self-service kiosks allows customers the option to skip the line and get the necessary information or pay for purchases more quickly. Kiosks also help your team provide service to more customers at once. A single associate can assist customers at several kiosks instead of serving customers one at a time.

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Painless Payments

Our kiosk solutions are payment processor-agnostic, allowing you to choose a payments platform with a wide range of unattended payment options, from credit and debit to contactless and mobile wallet payments. Customers can use their preferred payment methods while experiencing user-friendly self-service options. Additionally, our solution authorizes payments right at the terminal so you're never down, even if your internet connection is.

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