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Enterprise retailers automate processes, leverage data for intelligent decision-making, and personalize customer experiences. Your business can have those same capabilities. Our software is easy to implement, learn, and use. However, behind that user-friendly interface, it’s powered by sophisticated technology that levels the playing field for independent retailers with larger competitors. Whether you operate a grocery, liquor, pet, consignment, thrift, or other retail store, our point of sale (POS) software provides you with the tools you need to manage your growing business.

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Benefits of Having the Right POS Software in Place

When you choose Osprey, you have the advantage of tested, reliable, configurable POS software, giving you new insights into your business. Our POS software for businesses streamlines processes for greater efficiency, automates routine tasks, and saves time and money.

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Our software allows you to use an on-premises server or virtual cloud infrastructure. Alternatively, you can take a hybrid approach that gives you the best of both in terms of data accessibility and security. You also have the power to configure screens and enable features that optimize workflows and customer experiences.

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Our processor-agnostic software lets you choose your payments provider, control payment processing fees, and process gift cards like other transactions. We also designed our software to maximize uptime, even if the network is down. Our software supports offline credit card payments, and, depending on your processor, you can set per-terminal or per-day limits for offline transactions to lower risks.

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With our POS software for small business, you aren’t limited in how you run your daily activities. You can integrate Osprey with third-party solutions, such as an eCommerce platform, to reach new customers and maximize revenues. Our software includes several native integrations, making creating a comprehensive store management system easy.

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Access sales, labor, inventory profitability, and other vital information on demand with real-time POS reports. You can use templated reports or customize them to meet your precise needs. Export reports in Excel or Combit for easy access and collaboration, regardless of whether you are a single or multi-store operation.

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