Specialty Software for Retail Stores in Today’s Competitive Environment

Build and Manage Omnichannel Operations and Inventory

Competing for omnichannel consumers’ loyalty requires creating seamless shopping journeys as customers move from one channel to another. You also need access to data from all touchpoints to personalize interactions. Our software for retail stores gives you the tools you need to deliver the experiences your customers demand. eCommerce integration with your point of sale (POS) system allows you to manage all parts of business from a single solution. Our software also enables you to create custom barcodes to efficiently track inventory from receiving to sales. In addition, our easy-to-use retail store software enhances employee productivity and performance. 

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How to Choose a POS Solution that Delivers the Greatest Value

Learn how POS technology can help you position your specialty retail business for success, now and in the future.

The Perks of Picking the Right Retail POS

Enhance customer experiences and operating efficiency for a better bottom line

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Streamlined Checkout

Whether your customers complete their purchases in-store or online, our software for retail stores allows for fast, secure checkout processes. Our solution is designed for time-savings and efficiency, streamlining processes for your customers and employees. Additionally, our integrated retail management system supports the most popular payment methods to give your customers choice, in-store or online.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

Inventory Efficiencies

Our software enables you to automate inventory management, tracking your diverse store inventory with barcode technology, and updating your database. Regardless if you’re selling merchandise in-store or ship to eCommerce customers. With accurate inventory data, you can make informed ordering decisions, avoiding overstocks, and always having in-demand items available.

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Flexible Payment Solutions

Osprey is payment processor-agnostic, allowing you to choose the processor that will support the options you need to maximize revenues. Our system supports credit and debit cards, contactless, EMV, mobile wallets, checks, and gift cards. Additionally, our solution authorizes payments at the lanes. So you can continue to checkout customers even if your internet is down.

Ease of Use

Hardware-Agnostic Software

With Osprey software for retail stores, you can choose the POS hardware best suited to your operation. Our software works on traditional, stationary POS terminals and all-in-ones. It also allows you to have mobile POS functionality by running it on tablets. In addition, you can use our software to enable self-service on kiosks. You have the freedom to create the IT environment your store needs for maximum success.

Are You Ready to Position Your Business for Greater Success?

Explore how Osprey software for retail stores will transform your operation with enhanced customer experiences and greater profitability.