Give Your Business the Benefit of Real-Time Data Through a POS Report

Access Business Performance Data On Demand

In a competitive industry with narrow margins, every decision matters. Data-driven decision-making is the best way to ensure you steer your business toward profitability and growth. An Osprey POS report provides real-time data to understand your business’s performance and course-correct when needed to keep your operations on track. Additionally, our software is the only solution offering verified communication between stores in an enterprise or franchise organization, allowing all members of your team to base decisions on the most updated information.


Learn How Real-Time Data Will Benefit Your Business

Take a deeper dive into the advantages of access to point of sale reports on demand.

Benefits of Real-Time Data From Your POS Report

Point of sale reports are vital to monitoring sales, labor and inventory expenses, and profitability. However, looking back at what has occurred doesn’t provide insights into what’s happening in your business today. Real-time data allows you to keep a close watch on your business. Identify metrics that fall outside your limits and adapt before your business experiences lost or missed opportunities.

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Mobile Reporting

Our software gives you access to POS reporting from your mobile devices, allowing you to review real-time data anytime, anywhere. This capability will enable you to manage a multi-store enterprise from a central location and share data with managers throughout your organization for consistency and maximum profitability.

Accurate Inventory Tracking

Inventory Data

Real-time inventory data allows you to provide accurate information to customers shopping at any location or online. It also allows you to transfer in-demand products or have an item out-of-stock at one store shipped to a customer, saving the sale. Real-time data also enables you to order intelligently, avoiding overstocks and stock-outs.


Customer Insights

Personalizing service, promotions, and marketing messaging can lead to greater customer loyalty. Data from POS reporting can help you segment your customer list based on purchase history or demographics so you can target marketing and improve ROI. Additionally, POS reports help optimize your loyalty program and deliver the experiences your customers prefer.

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Payment Data

Data from POS reports, gift cards, and integrated payments can help you develop a 360-degree view of your customers. Reviewing payment data and your point of sale reports will give you deeper insights into all of your locations and channels. You can use this information to optimize customer experiences and build loyalty.

Unlock Your True Potential with POS Reports

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