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Designed for Your Shop to Thrive

Small businesses enhance local communities throughout the world. With this unique role in your city, you deserve a point of sale solution that can measure up. Your retail POS software must focus on maximizing profits and customer satisfaction. If you’re wasting long hours on inventory management, it’s time to upgrade your technology to do the work for you. Your point-of-sale system must come with all the features necessary to operate your retail shop, so you aren’t working 80 hours a week.

Osprey Retail created a POS solution designed with your small business in mind. Osprey's software tailors to unique needs to encourage sales growth and scalability. You need a POS system built to support every function of your retail shop. From in-depth reporting to inventory management and multi-store capabilities—our fashion boutique POS comes with everything you need to thrive.

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Retail POS Features

Streamline Your Daily Operations

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Inventory Management

Our POS simplifies product tracking that moves in and out of your store without stressful guesswork. Regardless of your store size, Osprey’s POS can create custom barcodes and labels for any of your products, from clothing to shoes or accessories. Plus, as your inventory grows, our application updates automatically to grow with you to continually fit your needs. With products delivered weekly, you need an intricate inventory management application to simplify the process—and we have that solution.

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Fast-Checkout POS

Our retail POS software supports all aspects of your business operations. Using our fast-checkout POS, you'll increase sales without the unnecessary stress of technology challenges or downtime in the system. Enhance the guest experience every time with fast, secure, flexible, and easy checkouts for your customers with every transaction. Your customer experience is crucial, so partner with a provider that values your customers as much as you do.

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Osprey Retail offers integrated, digital payment options in addition to providing the ability to guarantee checks. Not to mention, you can issue fee-free gift cards and customer loyalty cards. All payments connect directly to your reporting, so you don’t lose valuable customer data. High business profits are our number one priority for your shop. Your boutique must have flexible transaction processing to meet all customer needs, which costs less for you without disrupting the time to process.

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Intuitive Applications

One of the benefits of partnering with Osprey Retail is that we can create a fully-custom solution to support all your business needs. Other providers in the point of sale space overcharge for robust applications. With our unique solution, you have the ability to integrate with other systems you have in place at your retail store without hassle or high fees. Plus, you can easily change, add, or remove applications as needed without additional charges. Why pay for features you aren't using? We provide a comprehensive solution that is affordable and scalable.

Take Your Sales to New Heights with Osprey Retail

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Multi-Store Capabilities

A Scalable POS Solution

The most successful retail shops can grow to several retail brick-and-mortar shops—and Osprey can pave your way to success. Osprey wants you to reap the benefits of our POS solution as you scale your profits. That's why we created and deployed a multi-store application that gives you access to reporting for every store location within your scope of business. It’s here where you'll compare what processes are performing well and what processes need improvement.

With our comprehensive retail store POS, you can monitor all aspects of your store locations through a single, intuitive interface. Easily view real-time insights on sales, reporting numbers, and product tracking through the retail cycle from inventory to discount repricing needs. You can centralize store management at all your locations right at your fingertips.

Additional Retail POS Features

As a small business owner, it’s crucial that you have an all-inclusive, feature-rich POS system that helps you operate your store without added stress. Our team understands there is more to your business than bringing in products and selling them to customers. Here are other features that benefit your business.

Marketing and Loyalty

Reward dedicated shoppers for supporting your fashion boutique. Plus, capture client information to share new product arrivals and seasonal promotions to stay top of mind.


Taking your business online can double your sales and expand your market. You can quickly set up your digital store by plugging into the back end of our retail POS software.

Loss Prevention

With hundreds of products to monitor, loss prevention is an essential POS solution feature. Our POS system can quickly and accurately flag voids, negative transactions, and returns.

Mobile POS

Osprey’s solution comes with multi-use tablets to support your staff during high-traffic days or outdoor events. Plus, our mobile application is leagues above the competition.

Accounting Integration

Easily integrate apps for accounting integration and payroll needs with built-in time tracking. We know there's much more to your job than selling clothes and accessories.