Retail POS Solution

An efficient way to organize operations and manage inventory

Osprey Retail knows it takes a lot of work to provide the products and services that keep retail clients happy with their shopping experience. Our retail store point of sale (POS) system allows you to manage your unique inventory. Even though our retail POS system has advanced capabilities, it’s easy to use and will increase efficiency throughout your business, both on the front end and back office.

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POS Features

Built for the critical aspects of your retail store operations

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Fast and Easy Customer Checkout

Boost sales without stress, our robust retail POS solution allows for every checkout to be fast, secure, flexible, and easy for customers and staff.

Our stand alone all-in-one, kiosk, and mobile devices will work flawlessly, regardless if you have a multi-store environment or a solo location.

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Inventory Management

With an ever-changing product line, you need an effortless yet effective inventory management solution to simplify the receiving and rack-filling process. Our retail POS solution allows you to easily track items as they move in and out of your shop. Regardless of the size of your store, our software can create custom barcode labels for any of your product needs.

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eCommerce Integration

Reach customers from anywhere at any time. Work on a solution that offers your buyers the ability to purchase both on and offline for maximum savings. eCommerce solutions can quickly set up an omnichannel solution by plugging into the back end of your business, so you can manage all purchases and inventory stock in one location.

Offer your customers the same loyalty offerings and never run the risk of stockouts or listing an item you no longer have.

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Sales and Loyalty

Reward your most loyal customers with a retail POS system capable of loyalty card integration without extra fees. As a retail store, you want a system that helps build customer retention and increases long-term growth. Connect more easily with customers by offering personalized sales and loyalty programs based on buying history.

With a customized loyalty and shopping experience, you are more likely to see customers return and offer your business as a reference to others.

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Vendor-Agnostic Payments

Payments have advanced, and our retail store POS system can keep up with the changing times. We know an anxiety is having a system that works with your choice of payments program. Our solution offers you a vendor-agnostic payment connection so you can get the exact payment processor you want.

Integrate with standard payments like debit and credit but additionally provide check guarantee, contactless payment, virtual wallets, and vouchers.

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Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is key in making sure you get the most out of your product. You need a solution that can manage the different aspects of your business to ensure you always have a true idea of what’s going on in your store. Your solution should quickly and accurately flag voids, returns, and negative transactions, as well as offer receipt overlay to make sure your inventory is always up to date. Don’t let an ever-changing inventory or disorganization prevent you from reducing shrink, have all your data in real-time whenever you need it.

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Management Specific Benefits

Retail store owners and managers need the ability to see key aspects of their business all from one POS system. Explore how Osprey Retail gives you that ability.

Remote Management

You can’t be onsite every day. Be able to manage the business from afar with our remote management solution. Log in from anywhere, at any time to view real-time numbers of sales, stock, employee status, and more.

Accounting Integration

Your business handles much more than monitoring sales and donations. Easily integrate flexible apps, like QuickBooks, for accounting integration, plus track payroll with a built-in employee time to streamline payroll processing.

Multi-Store Capability

If scalability is on your radar, integrate our retail POS solution. You can monitor various aspects of your store locations through a single, intuitive interface, with easy-to-view real-time data on sales, reporting numbers, loss prevention, and production tracking.


Monitor retail sales, voids, returns, no sales, discounts, and cancellations, all in one solution designed to work on your device of choice. All-inclusive reporting helps you gain real-time insight into business performance to help you make smarter business decisions.