eWIC-Certified Solutions

A Fully Certified Vendor for Grocery POS Systems for Most U.S. States

Eliminate the extra time and effort to accept eWIC payments with Osprey’s fully integrated eWIC-certified grocery point of sale (POS) system. Our software eliminates the need for a stand-beside “smart machine” that requires cashiers to scan items twice and use a separate key on the POS system for short payments. Furthermore, the back office won’t spend time updating the machine with pricing changes and promotions. Osprey downloads authorized items and pricing so you don’t have to enter that information manually and items approved over state price are automatically charged to tender for the difference.
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Osprey Retail is Proud to be Fully Certified by CDP Inc.

Our CDP certification allows us to implement, train, and support eWIC software in many states across the U.S

What You Need to Know About Point of Sale Technologies

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Benefits of eWic

Discover why Osprey is the smart choice for eWIC-certified grocery POS software.

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Easy Transactions

Build loyalty with fast eWIC transactions that are as easy as using an EPS card. Osprey’s eWIC solution also confirms transaction approval, giving you peace of mind that you’ll receive those funds.


Affordable Solution

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution replaces a software CAPEX with affordable monthly payments. Additionally, we offer easy implementation, training, and support to help control maintenance costs.


Product Mapping

eWIC-approved items must be identified so cashiers know which products customers can purchase with the card. Our software automates eWIC SKU mapping for time- savings, accuracy and compliance.


No Stand-Beside Machine

Our eWIC software is integrated with your POS system, so you don’t have to buy or lease a stand-beside machine. Our integrated system is more cost-effective than purchasing two stand-beside machines

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