How Your Thrift Store POS System Can Help Based On Customer Types

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Having the Right POS Inventory Solution in Place is Crucial

Every retailer has their own type of customers, typically based on the inventory they provide. However, targeting a specific customer base is more complicated for thrift stores. Stores that aren’t able to choose what comes in, might need extra support with thrift store inventory management strategies to hone in on which items shoppers are looking for.

So how do you ensure you have the racks filled with products your customers want all year round? Take a look at these four customer types and how having the right thrift store POS solution in place can help you manage your inventory to keep them coming back for more through all seasons.

The “One-Timer”

We’ve all been there, looking for that one item that you don’t need brand new and just want it for a single event: an ugly Christmas sweater to wear to work, that one piece that will pull together your Halloween outfit, or just a gag gift to throw into your family’s gift exchange.

Regardless of why a customer is looking for that perfect item, you want to ensure you’re offering the best selection based on the time of year.

Color Coding Solution

By using a color coding system, you can pull inventory based on season and place items in the front of your store. This will help you place the right product in the store and can also help in highlighting close-out items. Being able to seamlessly swap inventory just by implementing one thrift store POS solution can minimize production time and keep your racks filled with the best items your customers are looking for.

Additionally, if you always have the best products for those one-time uses, you have the capability of turning that one-timer into a recurring customer for all their “one-time” needs.

The Donator

As a thrift store, your entire operation relies on donations. Whether it’s a handful of bracelets or a full sofa, people love to donate items to a good cause. However, as much as these customers want to contribute, they also want a smooth and easy drop-off process while taking the opportunity to see if the racks hold anything of interest to them.

A Thrift Store POS System That Can Handle It

When products are brought to your business, you will need to organize, enter, tag, and stock all of these products. Make it easy for staff to take, sort, and tag new items by implementing a thrift store POS solution that automatically fills data based on grouped products. For example, if you have three red sweaters that are all being entered back to back, auto-fill the type and color categories to save time with thrift store inventory software equipped to keep your shop organized.

Want to turn that donator into a customer? A comprehensive thrift store POS supports offering loyalty rewards or discounts for those that bring in donations. The longer you keep them in the store, the more likely it is they will purchase a “new” item.

The Saver

These customers may be looking to save money and are on a budget. You don’t want to miss out on a sale just because an item is incorrectly priced, or worse, miss out on profits because prices are too low. Make sure your products are priced accordingly, and your staff isn’t wasting time during tagging, all by implementing the right thrift store POS software.

Human Error, No More

Have a system that can help you automate product tagging to remove human error and give the best price while making a good profit. How is this done? By having a POS software that can pull pricing from your system based on similarly categorized products already in the store. Simple.

The Hunter

These customers, to some, are the best kind of customers to have. They dig and search for that diamond in the rough, hoping to find a hundred dollar item for just a few bucks. Sometimes gold mine items are found and not ever realized.

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

Make sure to consistently rotate your inventory to ensure you have new items on the racks. This can be done simply by using, again, a color coding solution that notifies you when it’s time to rotate the stock. Always give your customers as much new product to go through as possible to help them find that “whale” they are looking for. And who knows? When the word gets out that you have the best inventory in the area, you may be drowning in hunters.

Use Specialized Thrift Store Inventory Software to Delight Customers All Year!

Having a thrift store POS solution that helps you tag products, rotate inventory, and remove the obstacle of human error will boost your revenue and provide a more efficient work environment no matter the season. Keep customers of all types coming back by helping yourself to the right thrift technology.