Letter From The VP: 3 Things Every Retailer Should Think About

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Dear Valued Customers,

This last year has been one for the records, we’ve experienced significant growth through onboarding many new customers and continued to live up to our company values by donating and assisting with our philanthropic missions. Additionally, as a leading developer of POS solutions, our mission has remained the same, to continue to strive to help our customers better organize their stores, improve operations, decrease overhead, and provide the most profitable service possible for them.

I’ve been eager to “spill the beans” on some of the great offerings Osprey Retail continues to provide, as well as how they can further help in 2023 as retailers see additional struggles with elements like labor and customer engagement.

The Labor Shortage Savior

As a result of the pandemic, we recognize it has been more challenging for retailers to recruit and retain labor. We have started to see many stores reduce operating hours and look towards other strategies to optimize their available labor.

As a result many retailers are turning to technologies like self service to accommodate their business needs.

Solutions like self-service kiosks will empower customers to take their checkout experience into their own hands. Additionally, you can encourage your staff by introducing mobile tablets to eliminate running from one side of the store to the other. Retailers are able to help streamline checkout and inventory management processes just by implementing a few technologies into their stores.

Integrations For OmniCommerce Offerings

Reach customers outside of the four walls of your brick-and-mortar store. Encourage customer sales with an integrated online shop that offers the same products but in a more convenient fashion.

Allow customers to shop from their couches and get their products delivered directly to them or set aside for in-store pick-ups.

This option will only be successful if it is integrated into your current POS solution. No need to double up on inventory management in hopes you don’t stock out of a product before you fill your orders; with an integrated solution, you have one location to manage all inventory for your in-house and online orders.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Lastly, you want to enhance your customers’ experience with your business.

Building customer loyalty can be difficult if you do not have the right tools in place. Retailers need an intuitive POS solution that can log customer loyalty information and build custom rewards programs around the customer’s buying history. This will allow you to personalize their coupons, promotions and sales based on historical purchase preferences, make them feel seen as a loyal customer, and boost basket sizes at each purchase.

Engage with your customers at this level, and you’ll instantly see a difference in their buying habits and your revenue.

How Osprey Can Help

Osprey Retail’s personalized approach to being a consultant and trusted business advisor for our clients allows us to help with areas of frustration and boost your profits and customer’s experience.

If you want to see a demo of how our solution can help increase business revenue without additional headaches I’d love to chat with you one on one. Lets see how we can help your business just as we have helped retailers like you for decades.


Robert Bauer, VP of Sales