Is Your Liquor POS System Giving You Everything You Need?

customer checking out at a liquor store

Does Your Liquor Store POS Provide Value?

Liquor stores are under increasing pressure. There is competition from restaurants, bars, and even some grocers who can now sell liquor. If your store specializes in liquor sales, you need every advantage you can get. Without the right technology you are losing precious time and energy that could be better spent with customers.

To give your business the edge it needs to upstage the competition, your liquor store POS software needs three key elements: hardware, software, and overall organization and knowledge. With these three elements squared away, your POS system will have your business celebrating, boosting revenues, and providing the best customer service available.

Proper Hardware

The first element to look into is your current hardware solution. Do you have the hardware technology for your business to check out customers fast and efficiently?

The All-In-One POS solution is a modern upgrade to the traditional cash register. With hi-definition touch screens, card readers, and scanners the AIO POS system will likely be the primary workhorse for your store’s day-to-day operations.

You will need some flexibility to handle the extra rush during busy seasons. Mobile POS solutions like hand-held tablets give you the ability to quickly checkout customers anywhere. Hand Scanners and connective card terminals paired with Mobile POS allow you to accept credit card payments securely and quickly.

Efficient Software

Liquor laws are strict and the penalties for a simple mistake can be catastrophic for a small business. Don’t get in a legal pickle because your technology is outdated. Your new employee may not remember all of the rules and regulations that threaten your business. But the right kind of software will make it impossible to not accurately verify the age of your customers.

Your software can also expand your sales by enabling you to offer online ordering. This will enable you to reach a larger customer base and offer in-store or curbside pick-up. If it makes sense for your business you can even partner with a third-party delivery service like Drizly.

Make sure your liquor store POS software works together in one system for all forms of sales. Having two different POS software systems could lead to out-of-date online offerings or other headaches for your management team. Save yourself the headache and make sure you use a unified sales and inventory system.

Knowledge is Key

It has been said that businesses make money when they spend it. The idea behind the witticism is that no matter how good sales are, it is one’s ability to make wise spending decisions that determine the health of a business. To do this a business operator must know exactly what is coming in and going out of your store at all times.

A liquor store POS software solution that gives you accurate real-time data will keep you from making costly purchasing mistakes. Low inventory alerts can be a lifesaver when it comes to letting you know when it’s time to reorder.

Know what products are not selling, moving too slowly, or taking up valuable space, and feature them prominently on your online ordering platform. Additionally, keep tabs on trends that could affect your sales. For example, vodka is the most popular spirit in the U.S., accounting for 31% of all spirit sales. Ensure your software can tell you in just a couple of clicks if this trend holds true for your store. You should be able to find important sales data easily on your software system and check that against your inventory levels to make sure you don’t get stuck with too much Malibu when what the people really want is Tito’s.

Loss prevention is especially important for independent liquor stores. Having a tight handle on your inventory from the moment it is unloaded off the truck until your happy and loyal customers walk out the door with it will ensure your balance stays in the black.

As an independent liquor store operator, you have a lot on your plate. There are many things that technology cannot do for you. Tech cannot be the warm smile that greets your customers as they step into your store. Only you can be the great boss that people love to work for and the customer service rep that takes care of all their needs.

But technology is great at taking repetitive or detailed tasks and automating them. Use this to your advantage. Don’t worry about the little things when you have a liquor store POS software solution that can handle them automatically for you.