How Your Specialty Grocery POS System Could Boost Your Unique Offerings

Unique Grocery Offerings

Optimizing Your POS System for Enhanced Customer Experiences

All year long, you try to offer your customers unique products and services but sometimes don’t have the resources to follow through on your amazing ideas. So how can your grocery POS system help you organize and offer your customers a unique shopping experience? When you have the right POS solution, it takes the headache out of delivering personalized experiences for your customers. Check out some of these great offerings you could seamlessly provide your customers if you had the proper grocery POS system.

Gift Baskets

Offering a customized gift basket can be great for holidays or even year round, but these baskets can take a lot of time and effort to put together and adequately price. With the right grocery POS solution, this process could be as simple as entering the products and quantities you plan to put in the basket. Your POS system will not only let you know if you have what you need in stock but will also generate a price tag based on individual product cost and profit margins you are looking to make. It can be as simple as pick, click, and go! Now your customers can buy a gift basket with everything they need to make a complete meal, build a charcuterie platter, or try something new. You’ll be rolling in profits in no time and become the go-to place for every last-minute shopper looking for a holiday, birthday, or hostess gift.

Specialty Orders

A large portion of specialty grocers nowadays offer a prepared foods counter. Not only for lunch subs and deli meat but also to cater large events and gatherings. Do you have a system to help you manage these orders, or are you still looking for a pen and paper when an order is phoned in?

Say goodbye to manual order entry when you work on a system built for your business. A grocery POS system should have the capability to let you build out a sub order, meat and cheese tray, and more, all based on the following:

  • Customer’s preferences

  • Inventory availability

  • Turn around time

  • And real-time pricing based on labor and product costs

No more taking orders, checking inventory, and then having to call back an angry customer because you don’t have what they are looking for. Instead, provide your prepared food staff with the tools they need to work more efficiently. When your staff is prepared, they’ll offer the best customer service so you, as management, can focus on other aspects of your business.

Beverage Deliveries

Are you looking to reach customers outside of your store? Then, your grocery POS system should have the capability to integrate with an online ordering and delivery service. Boost the customer experience by bringing your alcohol offering straight to your customers without them having to leave the house or needing to hire additional staff to deliver orders.

An online ordering and delivery service is excellent for customer retention, especially for those who want a nice night in without having to stop at the store or for those trying to get through the stress of holidays and family. The best part about a third-party solution, like Drizly or CityHive, that can integrate directly into your grocery POS system is that there is no headache managing inventory. Working with a system that can house inventory for all shopping outlets in one location makes stockouts and other inventory issues a thing of the past.

Checkout Capabilities

Each customer is different, so having a checkout solution that meets all their needs and demands is critical in ensuring you gain their loyalty and keep them coming back. A grocery POS solution should offer you the ability to build out the exact checkout experience you want to give your customers. Work with a system that offers customizable options of traditional, self-service kiosks, and mobile checkouts.

Especially during the holidays, you can get long lines of impassioned customers just wanting to get in and get out as fast as possible. The worst possible scenario is having a customer leave a full cart of goods in an aisle because of long lines. With a multiple-optioned checkout system, you can avoid this altogether. Allow customers to checkout through traditional and self-service kiosk lanes while another associate goes through line busting with a mobile device. This will speed up the checkout process and ensure your customers leave happy.

Your specialty grocery store may already offer a unique selection of products and experiences, but are you offering them most efficiently? Give your customers a reason to keep coming back for your unique offerings by implementing a grocery POS system to take the hard work out of prepping, organizing, delivering, and purchasing your products and goods.