3 Tobacco Point of Sale Secrets You Need to Know

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When searching for the right point of sale solution, many retailers assume they’re all the same. The fact is: your industry is very important to the POS system that you choose. For tobacco point of sale, you must consider a number of vital factors: needs-based app integration, customer personalization, support from the vendor, and if the system helps you stay competitive in a flooded market. Read on for the tobacco point of sale secrets for success.

Pricing is Key

Your POS system can do the hard work for you. The right system ensures your customers get the best price while also streamlining your back-end accounting. Choose a point-of-sale solution that allows you to offer coupons and discounts that bolster your bottom line. Loyalty programs within the POS can lead to even more rebates and discounts. This will aid in your financial success when it comes to issuing special electronic coupons all year long.

In-store promotions always have value. You can further boost your store traffic (and revenue) if you also offer electronic coupons tied to your POS system. These coupons can be customized based on customers’ past purchases and preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. With an intuitive POS system that functions well with rebates, you can reward customers for shopping every few days and bolster your revenue at the same time.

Tobacco Point of Sale Apps Maximize Revenue

Another point of sale secret: apps. Applications that perform essential functions like age verification will enhance the customer experience with a fast, secure checkout process. Marketing and loyalty apps will also offer superior customer convenience—and customer satisfaction to go with it.

Additionally, inventory management apps will allow you to order and sell in various unit bundles, such as packs, cartons, cases, and pallets. With this multi-functional software, you can also quickly track and sort cigars by name and custom code, not just by barcodes. For long-term store success, it’s vital to invest in a solution that can also easily manage appropriate smoke taxes. As a small smoke shop, the more support you can receive from your POS, the easier it will be to manage your business.

Another essential factor when determining the best POS provider is to have a solution that can grow as your store grows. Look for applications with multi-store capabilities. This will give you access to reporting for every tobacco store location on your roster. These reporting tools are where you’ll compare what strategies are performing well and what processes need improvement.

With a comprehensive tobacco point of sale system, you can monitor all aspects of your store locations through a single, intuitive interface. Easily view real-time data on sales, reporting numbers, and product tracking across the full retail cycle. You can centralize store management at all your locations right at your fingertips by choosing the right POS apps.

Product Manufacturer Support Ensure Success in a Competitive Industry

It’s crucial to look for a tobacco point of sale system that has support from industry giants like Altria and RJR. Their in-system support targets the best possible pricing, allowing smoke shops to feel confident that they’re not behind in the industry.

With this unparalleled support for your POS system, small businesses can feel confident in the future of their business success, no matter their size. The days of feeling inferior to the larger chains are gone when you have the right supports. The additional support benefits your operational needs, but it also benefits your customers who always search for the best deal on their preferred products.

Each of these points supports the true key tobacco point of sale secret: let your technology do the work for you whenever you can. Automation is critical for businesses of all types, and your smoke shop is no different. This way, you can spend time focusing on other areas of your business while your POS system manages and organizes other factors to keep your store running seamlessly.

Your POS system as a retailer directly impacts your bottom line. When the retailer is specializing in an age-specific, regulated product, the system must contain features related to the industry. When you’re looking for the secrets to the best tobacco point of sale system, focus on the revenue-bolstering solutions offered by Osprey Retail.

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