May 16, 2021

tobacco shop
3 Tobacco Point of Sale Secrets You Need to Know

When searching for the right point of sale solution, many retailers assume they’re all the same. The fact is: your industry is very important to the POS system that you choose. For tobacco point of sale, you must consider a number of vital factors: needs-based app integration, customer personalization, support from the vendor, and if…

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Liquor Store
3 Ways to Increase Sales with the Best Liquor Store POS

A liquor store’s success is contingent on people finding and purchasing what they want. While it’s important to offer products that customers will be interested in, it’s equally important that you help them discover products they didn’t know they needed until you led to their discovery. Implementing the best liquor store POS will allow customers…

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Fashion Boutique
3 Signs Your Fashion Boutique POS Needs An Upgrade

To say that this past year was a learning experience is a huge understatement. And if there’s one thing we’ve all learned, it’s that operating a brick-and-mortar business has proved to be more difficult than ever. This is why it’s so critical that your fashion boutique POS system keeps up-to-date, at least if you want…

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grocery store checkout
Grocery Technology Trends to Consider for your Business

Every business owner knows that a positive guest experience brings more profits to your bottom line. Although the pandemic stunted the growth of many businesses, it accelerated the adoption of technology trends in every industry, including those in the grocery space. This widespread adoption of new grocery technology trends has led to a shift in…

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mobile POS in a retail store
Best Retail POS System Features for Your Business

Everyone knows that the best retail POS system must include features that support a positive guest experience, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. It’s essential to have a provider that offers robust applications that keep up with the changing times. It should also allow you to expand your customer base — both online…

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