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Pet Store POS

Integrate Omnichannel Into Your Pet Store POS System

In today’s world, 69 million American households have dogs and 45 million have cats, but where are these pet owners buying their pet supplies? Consumers have a range of choices: large brand name pet stores, supermarkets, smaller pet stores, veterinarians, and discount stores. Additionally, Fortunly reports that 77% of millennials prefer to shop their pet supplies online. With so many different avenues to purchase pet supplies, your pet store needs to find a way to keep up with the competition. Having a pet store POS system that supports omnichannel sales and marketing will keep you ahead of the competition and assist you in meeting consumer demands.

Build Digital Revenue

An online presence allows you to build a larger customer base for your business. You can reach customers from anywhere at any time; you no longer have to worry about only reaching the clientele that is able to come in locally during your business hours. You can now reach those out of town or state and at any time, day or night.

Additionally, with an omnichannel approach, you are able to reach customers not only through an eCommerce website but also through social media advertising. Nearly 30% of pet parents make purchases for their pets based on social media advertising. From both a website and social media ads, you can offer:

  • Shipping products directly
  • Offering curbside pickup
  • Enabling in-store pickup
  • Upselling for additional purchase at pickup
  • Allowing subscriptions for recurring orders

When covering this many purchasing options, you need to ensure you have a good handle on your store’s inventory.

Manage Omnichannel Inventory Efficiently

Never run out of customer favorites or sell a product out of stock again when implementing a pet store POS system. Having an all-in-one solution with centralized inventory management will allow you to track inventory in real time based on sales on all channels and access reports that allow you to analyze your business from any internet-connected device at any time.

Pull reports to know what products are flying off the shelves; this way, you know how much inventory to bring in. Or check the business revenues to know what days are your busiest, so you know to add additional staff to the sales floor to assist customers and help ring-outs. Want to track purchase orders and expenses? Add an accounting integration to your system to keep track of everything all in one place.

With a pet store POS solution designed specifically for your business, ease and efficiency will be the backbone of your operations as well as convenience for your customers as they shop however they choose.

Provide Attractive Omnichannel Loyalty Programs

Once you incorporate an omnichannel approach into your pet store operations, you must focus on customer retention. By implementing a loyalty program through your pet store POS system, you can offer customers promotions based on their personal spending habits, making them feel like VIPs when they shop with you on any channel. Make sign-up easy at checkout in-store or online. Aside from personalization, a good loyalty program should also offer attractive promotions and rewards that can be earned and redeemed no matter what channel they choose to do business with you on. Having an integrated loyalty solution in your pet store POS system will allow you to do this since all your customer information and omnichannel processing will be kept and handled in the same location.

Unleash your business’ potential by digitally bringing your pet store’s inventory to clients both near and far. Once you have them in the “digital door” keep them coming back with personalized loyalty programs that offer discounts, promotions, and rewards based on their historical spending habits. All of this is only possible if you run your business through an all-in-one POS system that specializes in both omnichannel sales and the pet store industry.