3 Ways to Increase Sales with the Best Liquor Store POS

Liquor Store

A liquor store’s success is contingent on people finding and purchasing what they want. While it’s important to offer products that customers will be interested in, it’s equally important that you help them discover products they didn’t know they needed until you led to their discovery. Implementing the best liquor store POS will allow customers to easily find and purchase more.

Offer Customers a Variety of Bundles

In a competitive industry, your customers could fulfill their liquor needs elsewhere if you disappointed them. The key to impressing and retaining customers is to offer them a wide variety of options and bundles. You want them to explore your store, spending time browsing and discovering something new. There are a variety of ways to inspire discovery and capture more attention.

Suggest Products that Pair Well Together

Your customer entered your store with a goal, but you can help them broaden their scope by suggesting complementary items. This increases their satisfaction—and your revenue.

Suggesting accessories and mixers capitalizes on impulse buying, but also provides some excitement. Fend off customer boredom by introducing them to new things.

Provide Unique Recipes and Suggestions

Become more memorable with unique recipes. Get creative with it! Invent something they can’t find on Pinterest. Connect it to their interests, your location, or even base it on insights you get from that upgraded POS.

Capitalize on Gift-Giving with Ready-Made Bundles

Many people walk into a liquor store looking to purchase something for a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or retirement. Make it easy for them!

In order to achieve things like bundles and suggested products, you need to maintain a robust inventory system. It’s crucial that you partner with a POS provider that can offer your liquor store all the capabilities you need to best support your business. Plus, you can meet a wider range of needs—and capture an expansive audience.

Upgrade your Liquor Store POS

A long line or checkout frustrations can lead to customers abandoning their purchase, and possibly your business for good. With an upgraded liquor store POS, you’re able to minimize wait time for your customers, showing them that you value their limited time. This increase in efficiency is beneficial for you as the business owner as well; you’re able to process more customers in the same amount of time.

Improving the guest checkout experience is just the first step in streamlining your liquor store operations. From the business owner’s end, you also need systems to manage inventory, payroll, analytics, and your people. All of these can be managed within one intuitive POS system. Take that system on the go with you when you upgrade to Mobile POS. From the liquor store checkout to the porch of a summer vacation cabin, you have full control of your assets.

Mobile POS gives the business owner freedom, but it also allows for more flexibility within the store. Kiosks can be introduced in your liquor store that will allow you to reduce your staffing. Only requiring a simple screen, your efficient POS would allow the customer to quickly checkout unassisted.

Apps help you even further. Like smoke shops, liquor stores need to confirm a customer’s age. With an upgraded POS, you can use apps to scan drivers’ licenses for confirmation. Osprey Retail is currently integrating with Yoti Today, an ID-verification leader in the industry, in order to best serve business owners and customers.

Implement Tools to Help You Grow

It would help if you had a POS that can grow as your business grows. Osprey Retail is your solution. If you expand to multiple locations, our solution can manage them together easily. You’ll be able to increase customer retention with our integrated loyalty program.

All the features that benefit you and your customer are moot if you’re dealing with difficult system updates and maintenance. Ensure that you partner with the right liquor store POS that will:

  • Automatically update features and software on your POS

  • Help you avoid lost sales by ensuring no downtime for system updates

Osprey’s solution can support the full scope of your business. Our team will fully support you in order to maximize your business growth and revenue.

Don’t get stuck with a POS that wasn’t meant for liquor stores. The more capabilities your POS can offer specific to your industry, the more sales you will capture.

Business owners grow and thrive when they have the right tools. Osprey provides the liquor store POS options that increase order size and customer satisfaction, ensuring their return and your success.